Core Team

Ms. Shweta Yashraj

HR, Media and Finance Head

BHU alumni and a musician who found her resonance in Nature. She is ace administrator, smart marketer, negotiator and media communication expert who is passionately involved with Asvattha movement.

Mr. Ravikant

A Techno-Environment Passionate and Nature Lover looking after Implementation, Operation, Fund Management of Asvattha. He aims at Reducing Carbon Dioxide spread over the Environment and actively strives for Clean Water, Environment conservation before various fora. He believes that Everything is possible, be it Clean Nature, Ample Water resources, Vast Forests. “Help the Environment” is his Soul and Breathe!

Ms. Jyoti Kumari

An IIM Ranchi Alumnus and an environmentally conscious person, who is passionate about environment protection. She believes that it is critical to protect the environment so as to reduce the destruction of eco-system caused by a myriad of anthropogenic activities and it is more of a moral obligation for humans to protect the environment from pollution or any other activities that lead to environment degradation. So, “Let’s resume our responsibilities and come forward to make this planet a wonderful place to live”.

Ms. Soumya Sadwal

ECE Engineer with 2 years of workex in the service sector. Currently pursuing MBA from IIM RANCHI. I believe that individuals grow only if the community grows with them.

Mr. Pratik Kr Gupta

A techno-commercial person by profession and an environmentalist by passion who looks after the strategy, operation, and marketing at Asvattha. His goal is to make Earth a better place to live through sustainable ways of conserving nature. An avid nature lover who believes that “Everything on Earth is part of nature and connected to each other for healthy survival and continuity of life”.

Background: A metallurgist from NIT Rourkela with plus 3 years of work experience in International Business in the manufacturing sector. Currently pursuing MBA from IIM Ranchi. I believe that if nature exists, we do exist.