Nurture Nature, Enlighten Future Save Tree Save Life

Asvattha's Sankalp

‘Nurture Nature, Enlighten Future’

Green India

Aims to reduce India’s carbon footprint through Preservation, Conservation & Management of India’s forest cover

Neer India

Aims to conserve, reduce and recycle of water resources. Rain water harvesting, river and ground water recharging are part of Neer India sankalp.

Agro India

This sankalp aims to promote healthy and sustainable agricultural practices among the farmers.

Swachh India

Cleanliness and hygiene coupled with healthy lifestyle practices are part of this sankalp.

About Us

Asvattha is an Environmental NGO dedicated towards Preservation, Conservation and Management of Mother Nature. Our motto is ‘Nurture Nature, Enlighten Future’. We believe and work with the collective power and potential of the enlightened people for maintaining Ecological Balance.

How We Work

We have a team of intellectual and young volunteers known for their tested dying hard passion for the preservation of Mother Nature in the near future.

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